The pick me ups

The Pick Me Ups bring your favorite songs to life with their unique blend of New Orleans jazz, blues, rock, funk, and folk. With an eclectic line up of instruments, you will hear pop, rock, classic rock, classical, jazz, and other genres reimagined in the pick me ups unique and fresh voice. They also come packed with a large body of original work. They can quiet things down by switching the drummers over to hand percussion for restaurant and other performances, and get things piping hot for stage performances. Featuring Heath Edwards on drums and percussion, Cameron Snyder on trumpet and EWI, Allyson Peterson on keyboard, Kaden Evans on guitar, Avery Clark on bass, Savanna Seaman on Violin and Nate Anderson on melodica, ocarina, kalimba, kontscovka, hulusi, doumbek, and percussion. Come dance with us!

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