-Hour Long Classes

-Quarterly Performances

We offer young musicians an opportunity to learn how to read music, improvise, compose, write songs, understand music theory, play chords, and more. All of this in a band setting so they receive the benefits of playing with others, communicating through music, making new friends, performing four times a year, and having a blast. Please contact us with any questions you may have and to set up a time to drop by for a free trial class.  



Nate Anderson Production LLC Contract 

Classes and lessons run year round and feature weekly lessons (with the exception of holidays and breaks) and quarterly performances for students to share their hard work with family and friends. 

Monthly tuition is $50 for groups and $95 for private lessons unless adjusted by promotion. For convenience, payment is standardized and includes months with holidays and/or breaks. Breaks are made up for by the preceding concert.  The full monthly fee is required regardless of number of classes attended. 

Students will be required to have an N.A.P. shirt for most concerts, purchased from N.A.P. for $8. 

Tuition is due by the 10th of each month. A late fee of $10 every seven days will be added until paid. Services may be refused if payment has not been made on time and performance will not be permitted if there is an outstanding balance. Payment can be paid online(preferred), cash, or check made out to “Nate Anderson”. 

Enrollment includes a commitment to pay for and attend classes through the next concert. 

The class prior to the concert is mandatory and students may be asked not to perform, or pay for an additional private lesson if they miss it. 

If a majority of the students will not be in attendance, a class may be canceled without a make up class or adjustment to fees. If the teacher has to cancel a class a make up class will be provided. 

Please inform your teacher with as much advance notice as possible if the student will miss a class or performance. 

Breaks follow each concert and will be approx. March 15-31, July 1-15, October 15-31, December 20-January 5, and holidays. 

park without blocking the circle and please don't park or drive on the grass.

If student has a medical emergency, Nate Anderson Production LLC and it's representatives are allowed to request an ambulance and/or medical attention on behalf of the student without any responsibility for the associated costs. Student/Parent/Guardian are responsible for making sure the student makes it safely from their car to the door and that the student returns safely to the car. Nate Anderson Production LLC is not liable for any injury or damage that may occur because of inappropriate behavior in class, going to/from the car, to the car itself, or on the premises (including yard, playground, trampoline, driveway). Play at your own risk! 

Pictures, video, sound recordings and other forms of media may be taken and used for promotion, profit, advertising, and any other use by Nate Anderson Production LLC.